Capt. Ken was not doing much on topwater lures in early winter in central Florida on a cloudy day with cooler temperatures and cooling water. A few rain showers were also coming through. Although the fish were not active, he knew from experience that it was still a potential monster bass day. So, he decided to fish something soft and subsurface that a monster bass might not be able to resist if he could put it right in front of a big one at just the right time and place. So he chose a weighted fly rod Eel imitation that he designed for fishing spring water creeks that was very effective in very clear water similar to the lake he was currently fishing. He had barely gotten his fly line stretched out enough to get the curls removed for efficient casting and made a few practice casts before hitting the target spot. Then, a very beefy built 25 inch monster bass really gave a good stretch to his fly line.

This 21 inch Monster Bass was caught with the Flyrod Micro FROG cast with an 8 weight flyrod. It was a great catch and fight with a bass that busted through matted duckweed to swallow the FROG Lure.

This 22-inch Monster Bass was waiting for something to eat under a thin ledge of floating Duckweed that had collected up against a migratory floating mud island with thick vegetation growing on topside. Many big bass hide under these wandering bass havens. He found my Dark Green souhern Leopard Designer Bass FROG Lure™. This video is a great example of the kayak's ability to act as a "Back Up Drag Factor", since my drag is bolted tight. It will not give line unless I "back reel", which I rarely do. This is also a great example of Level #1 Finesse Bass FROG Lure Fishing.

This 26 inch Monster Bass was caught on an 8 wt. Flyod with a  Capt Ken's Light Green Southern Leopard Designer Bass Micro FROG Lure .

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