Most anglers contact me for a dragonfly lure after experiencing one of those days when the bass are so excited about the dragonflies that they won't show any interest in anything else an angler can offer them.

In this video above, a Monster Bass chases the "skating" DragonFly Lure over the surface, but does not smash it until the DragonFly Lure hops off the surface as if it might get away. Watch the video until the end to see the replays in Slow Motion. Also, watch on the largest screen available to see much more detail of what actually happened.

However, you often need a really great imitation that not only looks like a DragonFly, but it also needs to "act" like a DragonFly.

The DragonFly Lure in the video above is the same model as in the previous video with the Monster Bass above. There are many variations of retrieving. You can view some of them and some of the other big bass caught on this and other "Hook Placement Models" further below on this webpage below. You can see many more DragonFly Lure models for purchase over at another website at---

But, what most people don't know ---- is that DragonFly imitations make a good choice for bass even when the bass are not jumping out of the water to snatch them out of the air. They are a good choice anytime and any place that the bass might be willing to hit topwater.

Finesse Level #1 DragonFly Bass Fishing Lure

This 23 inch Monster Bass swallowed a Large Fancy Brown Dasher DragonFly Lure that was an Abdomen Stinger Hook Placement Model. This bass was held to the surface with the 7 foot "Medium Heavy" spinning rod as it attempted to flee the shallow grassy prairie cove to head for deeper water. There is an abundance of submerged maidencaine down below that would have made it much more difficult to land this bass with any Finesse Level above #2. It was a great Post Spawn, early summer battle with a hungry Monster Bass hunting for a meal up in the shallow water jungle. Stealth and finesse were both definitely required to avoid spooking this bass out of the area when approaching and casting in such shallow, calm, clear water.

Hardly anyone knows that DragonFlies are a great choice and maybe even the "best" choice to catch a Monster Bass.

Finesse Level #2 DragonFly Bass Fishing Lure

The Finesse level on this catch is Level #2 Finesse because the rod is a 7.5 foot "medium" action and the Large DragonFly Lure has significant weight and casts very far, but it lands very lightly because it rides on the winds like a kite and sets down very quietly. The Tail Stinger DragonFly Lure has the second most finesseful presentation. The Head Hook models have the most finesse of all models. I chose the Tail Stinger model because the bass were actively spawning, and they can be very picky and also tend to "nip" lures on the tail end frequently at that time. You can, however, add a Head Hook to this model as well at any time very quickly.

Finesse Level #1 DragonFly Bass Fishing Lure

The bass in this video was against a quick dropping bank that was clogged with submerged maidencane roots that are not visible on the surface. Having lost big bass in that scenario before, I knew I was going to put more pressure on any big bass that might hit. So, I used my shorter, stiffer "medium heavy" rod, since the vegetation would not be difficult to retrieve finessefully enough over the top. Also, the casting distance could be shorter, since I would be sitting out in deeper water. A  Finesse Level #4 presentation might have more likely drawn a strike, but Level #2 presentation worked on this bass, and my favorite heavy cover FROG rod dug him out of the depths in the submerged threat area before he could hang up and tear the hook out. Even though the rod was a whole foot shorter at 6.5 foot long, it was the right choice because the DragonFly Lure was an Abdomen Stinger Model with the big Stainless Steel Hook. So you can see that there is some room for "strategic adjustment" within any given Finesse Level of DragonFly Lure Fishing, including the aspects of the rod for casting, retrieving and fighting the fish in given environmental conditions, and the line, the leader, and the lure model, including which hook placement model. Since this bass may have been a spawner, the Abdomen Stinger Model was a very good choice for that reason also, even though this bass swallowed the DragonFly Lure deeply.

DragonFly Lures are even a good choice for Pre-Spawn Bass when the weather is warm enough, and they are also extremely effective on Spawning Bass. Sometimes, even when the weather is chilly --- if there has been some previous warm weather. 

Finesse Level #1 DragonFly Bass Fishing Lure

This 24 inch Monster Bass in the video above was extremely strong and tried very hard to reach some cover to dive into in hopes of tearing the hook out. I always fish with a "bolted down" Drag System, and I only give line by choice if I have no choice by back reeling with the anti reverse button off, but this bass managed to make my Drag screech just after the hookset. Fortunately, the line, leader, and large, stainless steel, Abdomen Stinger Hook all held up as the brute tested them all before tiring down. The rod was a 6.5 foot "medium heavy" spinning rod with 20 lb. braid and a 20 lb. mono leader.

Level #3 Finesse DragonFly Bass Lure Fishing 

The Monster Bass this video above was also 24 inches and actually offshore a little bit in much deeper water. So, it was probably not a spawner, and it was definitely on the feed, but it did need a little finesseful teasing to get the strike. It was a Head Hook Model Large Fancy Brown Dasher DragonFly Lure with the DNA Clear Wings. It would have been a Finesse Level #4 presentation with the 10 lb. braid and medium action 7.5 ft. rod, except that I upgraded the monofilament leader to 20 lb. due to some of the flooded, woody terrestrial plants and the thick, heavy, submerged portions of maidencane. The 10 lb. braid allows for longer casting even when casting against a light breeze with the DNA Clear Wings which also allows for additional attracting and teasing over longer distances to find the bass. It is possible that this monster bass followed and hesitated to eat the lure at first, because of the heavier 20 lb. leader. Fortunately, the longer presentation with a combination of skating, twitching, wiggling body, wing flapping and leg sweeping convinced him to a meal of the DragonFly Lure.

Level #4 Finesse DragonFly Bass Lure Fishing 

Level #5 Finesse DragonFly Bass Lure Fishing ​​​​​​​

Level #5 Finesse DragonFly Bass Lure Fishing 

The Finesse Level #5 DragonFly Lure Fishing for another Monster 24 inch Bass in the video above is defined by the "light action" instead of a medium action rod. It is also a 7.5 foot model and the line was the same 10 lb. braid with the same 15 lb. monfilament leader. In this environment, the submerged madencaine is much less of a threat while fighting a big bass. The Lily Pads are very strong, but they do have some "give" and sway back & forth while a big bass is entangled. The light action rod has a very soft action that makes it easier to apply lots of pressure with the stronger butt without breaking the line or tearing the small hook out. The Small Head Hook is required to fish with such a small DragonFly to provide the Super Finesse that this Monster Bass responded to on a central Florida Pond in the month of July in the middle of the afternoon with water temperatures of 89 degrees.

Level #4 Finesse DragonFly Lure Finesse Fishing

In the video above, the 23 inch Monster Bass was caught with Level #4 Finesse, using a smaller DragonFly Lure fished on a 7.5 foot, medium action spinning rod loaded with 10lb. braid line, a 15 lb. monofilament leader, a very small hook, faith in the "Back Up Drag actor, knowledge, experience,  confidence & patience not to panic but to follow the path through the pads that the bass had traveled to unravel the nightmare route to victory with a worthy adversary on light tackle.

Level #5 Finesse DragonFly Lure Fishing

Super calm, super shallow and super spooky situations

 [Coming Video- Prespawn MonsterBass on the DragonFly Lure]
 [Coming Video-Even in the Fall- Fall Monster on Reeds before Dock]
My fascination with dragonfly imitations goes back to 1976 in my college years, while flyfishing small ponds from a tubefloat. Like everyone else I was amazed at the enthusiasm bass displayed while jumping out of the water to grab them. In some ponds, they were more active than others. Some ponds I remember best seemed to have half their bass population flying through the air at any given moment on hot summer days with no wind. From the tubefloat perspective, you often found yourself eyeball to eyeball with the bass when they broke clear of the surface and rolled their eyes to locate those daredevil dragonflies teasing them.

Level #4 Finesse DragonFly Lure- Hop & Skip Presentation

Making your DragonFly skate, stop, twitch, hop, wiggle the legs, waggle the abdomen and "flap" the Wings all help to trigger strikes and act as what biologists term as "Super Stimulators", unleashing genetic responses from any spectator bass.

Level #2 Finesse DragonFly Lure Fishing- Skating Presentation

This very solid 23 inch Monster Bass was caught with a "skating"  over the surface presentation of a Large Fancy Brown Dasher DragonFly Lure with an Abdomen Stinger Hook Placement. But, if you watch the same video at the top of the page in the third slowest motion presentation, you will notice that the bass does not take the DragonFly Lure until it first "takes flight" over the water surface and lands back down. This catch was a Level #2 Finesse DragonFly Lure presentation and catch, because a longer, softer tip, 7.5 ft. Medium Action rod was used with a DragonFly lure which is much lighter than many other types of lures, and they can be presented with more finesse. However, it still had the advantage of 20 lb. braid and a 20 lb. mono leader that is harder to break with the softer rod tip. Also, the softer tip helps to absorb the stronger forces of the battle too close to the kayak that could potentially tear the large stainless steel saltwater hook from its' hold on the flesh inside the mouth of the bass. A Level #1 Finesse medium heavy rod might have torn the big hook loose.

Pad Hopping Presentation

Since 2014 I had been working hard to improve my DragonFly Lures for Spinning Rods and Baitcasters.

Skating Presentations

Skating DragonFlies over the surface mimics the behavior of DragonFlies skimming the surface to grab insects. It is one of the most deadly presentations that drives big bass crazy and helps to cover a great deal of water quickly to attract active bass.

In the Finesse Level #5 video above, the small Head Hook DragonFly Lure "skates" over Duckweed cover before getting smashed on the surface by another Monster Bass. Duckweed is a great cover plant to skate over with DragonFlies because, unlike some other plant covers, the presentation is not adversely affected by the small plants and the bass cannot use it to tangle the line and tear out the hook or break the line. So the great finesse of the smaller DragonFly Lure can be used with great effect on picky late summer bass and the light action 7.5 ft rod will safely cushion the force of the big bass on the small hook without tearing it out or bending it while the stronger force applied by the thicker butt applies great pressure on the bass.

I simultaneously improved their appeance, their behavior in the air, and on the water, and I have also been making them more durable.
Since January of 2015 I have been posting Monster Bass videos on YouTube, showing many of the big bass I have caught on them.
There are even different models for fishing certain environmental, seasonal or behavioral situations, such as spawning season, high activity periods, dog days of summer, open water, or heavy cover.
 I have developed a system for changing Body Parts, Legs, Wings, and even hooks quickly and easily on the water in order to change the appearance, behavior or to replace damaged parts on most models.

Zig Zagging Presentation

Large WobbleHead-Regal Darner-Head Hook- DNA Clear Wings 

The "Jiggle-in Place" presentation is best performed with a Wobble Head DragonFly that greatly exaggerates the effect.

You can see the changes and improvements in the DragonFly Lure's appearance and behaviors in the videos produced over the years.

Twitching Presentation

It has also become a very durable fishing Lure

Walking the Dragon

My success with using them for big bass soared as they improved and the results became Hyperbolic.

The Wing "FLAP" Presentation

I rarely go out fishing without catching or at least missing a big bass.
I have tons of video to show but no time to edit the raw footage, but I will try.
In 2019, I started a 2 year marathon of strictly DragonFly Fishing for Bass, except for few special situations where I was also working on some other specialty lures to deal with certain limited fishing oppurtunities (more about that at another time on another Page). In that year, I only posted an Introduction compilation video of scenes highlighting the excitement from that year of fishing the DragonFly. I intended to post each one of the 2019 Big Bass videos individually when I had more time. The extra time never came, but the big bass on the DragonFly never stopped coming, and the Bass kept getting bigger. The design of the DragonFly was rapidly evolving as more deadly and more durable, especially with the DNA Clear Wings™. The FROG catches the biggest bass more consistently, but DragonFlies catch more relatively big bass more often.
Sometimes, when bass are jumping into the air for DragonFlies, you can pick one off by throwing small plastic worms on top of the lily pads and dragging them off in front of some especially excited fish, but for the most part, your successes do not match the heated activity going on around you.
One of those yester-years a long time ago, I struggled to develop a fly that could be repeatedly cast out on the water surface without sinking into the surface film. The eventual success produced a fly that could be hopped off the surface of the water by sending a loop of line down to the fly similar to making a roll cast. Not only that, but you could catch several fish before you needed to let them dry out and tie on a new one.
If you want to learn how to fish with Super Finesse DragonFly Lure Fishing or purchase 
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The Capt Ken's Designer Bass DragonFly™ has undoubtedly become the most devastating lure to bass that I have ever fished. The Bass have very little resistance to it, and there are so few good dragonfly imitations out there being fished. There are some very good fly rod imitations out there but so few fly fishermen on the water, and even their imitations will not do what these Dragonly imitations will do to make a "sucker" out of a Bass. The development of a DragonFly imitation for baitcaster and spinning rods has been the most successful lure for bass that I have ever developed or seen in my entire fishing life --- and I have had some phenomenal successes.
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