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Darrell Hollifield is one of the founding members of the Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association, he was also one of my earliest customers for the Designer Bass FROGs. As you can see, his Original Series Bronze Spotted Leopard is still catching bass for him after all these years. This Virgina Monster was almost 6 lbs. In the photo, below you can see the heavy pad cover Darrell had to pull this bass out of to get him into the kayak. Excellent is the only word to describe this photo.

Check out this  23 inch Virginia State Citation Bass just caught on a Designer Bass FROG™: Clone Series FROG #4 - the Dark Brown Bull FROG. It was caught by Chuck Wrenn who is a FROG Fishing fanatic who publishes his own FROG Fishing Blog---  Check out his Blog to keep up to date on FROG Fishing in his state. If that wasn't enough of a great day, he also got the whole thing on video, and it will posted on YouTube, his Blog site and on this page very soon. Note, there are more big bass posted by Chuck down below on this page, and a previous video from YouTube. I think Chuck should spend more time on the water, so we can see more videos.

Okay, here it is ! The best video submitted by a user of the Designer Bass FROGs™ that I have seen to date. Chuck wrestled a monster bass out of some of the worst lily pads that anyone would want to attempt and did it from his kayak. He received a Virginia State Citation for his bass caught on a Designer Bass FROG™ Clone Series : FROG #4 - Dark Brown Spotted Bull FROG. Now, that's what I call Kayak Fishing FROG fishing for Monster Bass in Virginia --- or anywhere else !

Check out this beautiful bass caught on a Designer Bass FROG™: Clone Series FROG by Chuck Wrenn from on a rainy day on the water in Virginia.

This second bass caught the same day on a Designer Bass FROG™: Clone Series FROG looks a lot bigger. There is a really nice video of part of his day posted on YouTube entitled --- "Friday FROGGIN in the Rain". One of the bass puts up a great battle right at the side of the kayak --- check it out just below


On May 11th, Travis Louis ordered some Designer Bass FROG™: Clone Series FROGs from the new fast ordering system for the Clone Series FROGs right from their webpage store. On May 17th, he sent me back the photo of the bass below with the comment that he actually saw the bass rise up to take the FROG in the clear water. Awsome !