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This gorgeous Big Bass from Texas was caught by tournament Pro James Kiser. James caught this bass on Lake of the Pines during a Cicada hatch. The Cicadas were coming from the nearby Pine Trees and attracted bass in the area to the surface. James switched to Designer Bass FROG: Clone Series FROG #2 because the color closely matched the color of the Cicadas. The FROG was bigger than the big bugs on the water, but James said, once the bass moved in for a closer look --- "they locked onto the leg action, and that took care of the rest". James also caught some 2-4 lb' ers that day, and he has caught other big bass on the FROGs in the past. You can see some of those other big bass caught by James on the Designer Bass FROGs further below.


James says, "These things are awsome!"

Here's a couple more big bass from James that he caught on the Designer Bass FROGs. The bigger one is 7.5 lbs. James is a serious tournament pro and around the time he caught these bass, he had just placed 2nd place in an FLW Tournament.

John Klose caught this monster bass on a Designer Bass FROG: Replicant Series Dark Green Southern Leopard while visiting Texas to fish. John is from California.

Here's another monster bass John caught on his next trip to Texas, using the same Designer Bass FROG as the last trip to Texas.

John's Designer Bass FROG is racking up the big bass victims.