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PlugBUG Series™

The PlugBUG™ Series of Capt Ken's Designer Weedless SoftPlugs™ have tails that are made of either natural or synthetic hair, feathers or a combination of those materials. These PlugBUGs™ are a minnow or baitfish pattern of the Capt Ken's Designer Bass Casting BUGs™. They are the same bodies and patterns as you will see in the Capt Ken's "Action Tail" Weedless SoftPlugs™. The Action Tail SoftPlugs™ utilize soft plastic worm tails to create their action and appearance, rather than the hair and feathers. In all variations, both Series have their own advantages and appeal.

The Holographic Silver and Gold Shiner above has a soft synthetic "Fan Tail". Soft FanTails can be very attractive and alluring to Bass. This SoftPlug™ also has the Pelvic Fin Weedguard installed™. This type of weedguard causes the Plug to penetrate any kind of weeds or obstructions. It's the most amazing weedguard I have ever used

The SoftPlug above has the "Big Scale Shiner" design. The big scales seem to telegraph "bait fish" to the Bass. It has the gold sparkle tail synthetic material that mimics the little "nodes" that often appear along fin and tail "rays", creating a very realistic "see through"

translucent tail. It also has the very effective "Allen Loop" for a weedguard that is very effective in Lily Pads and around logs. When buzzed over the surface, it will actually turn the hook upright as it rides over the surface, but when it stops, the hook hangs back down below again.

This has been my hottest PlugBUG™ pattern, so far. I'm sure the Bass in Florida have never seen a Brook Trout FingerLing, but I can tell you that they do like it a lot. This one has the soft synthetic pearl & flash tail.

This Brown Trout pattern above is intended to be an "attractor Pattern". I t also has a big bushy tail of synthetic white buck tail with a pair of orange double saddle hackle feathers at the top. The big bushy tail is a bit wind resistant, but these plugs cast so well that the give back of any distance is a fair trade for the oppurtunity to make such an extravagant

presentation to the fish. They really do seem to respond to the various tail actions on these SoftPlugs™

The SoftPlug BUG above looks a bit like a baby Bass or a Black-Nosed Dace. It has a long, soft saddle hackle feather tail that is full of life that wiggles & undulates, even when sitting still. So, it looks like a tail even when the plug stops. Even when the fish are not hungry, this PlugBUG™ gets hit.

The weedless SoftPlug BUG™ above is a Killifish pattern. The Killifish are a diverse group of baitfish species that are widely distributed in fresh & saltwater. It is one of the most common and most important forage species. The model featured above has a long barred saddle hackle tail and a long set of Pelvic Fin Weedguards™ which can be shortened to about half the size on this model, and they will still be effective.

What kind of PlugBUG™ should I make for you ?