Capt Ken's Designer Bass FROGs™: Micro FROG Series™ starting at $29.99 each

"Be" the FROG

with Capt Ken's Designer Bass Micro FROGs™

Be a "Finesse FROG Fishing" expert with Capt Ken's ultimate finesse fishing FROGs, using 6 lb braid line and ultra light tackle to fool the most difficult bass in the most extreme spooky situations with clear, shallow, and calm water. Turn those disadvantages to your own advantage against suspicious bass in hard fished waters that think they are safe, eating only the tiniest FROGs that have never, ever been a problem in their whole lives since they were young tiny fingerling predators. They even feel like gummy little treats in their mouth, and they will not suspect a thing --- until you set the hook ! Very weedless too.

Do not underestimate these little guys, even for BIG Bass. but in some environments, it may be a challenge to land them, and you will catch many, many Bass while you are waiting for the Big One.

The Feather Leg models are the least wind resistant, and they have extremely active, tantalizing legs that are also extremely durable.

The FROG above is a Leopard FROG. Many species are available to be made "custom" just the same as is possible the Original Series FROGs.

This Baby Green Bull FROG has an extra long soft action set of Feather Legs that are extremely active in the water. They are moving in the water, even when the FROG is not.

This exact FROG caught the BIG Bass in the YouTube video --- Monster Bass on the Micro FROG. These guys are so much fun watching the smaller bass gobble-clobber them, you will not mind at all if you go home without catching a monster bass, but you just might catch that monster bass also !

The Bass in the above photo was caught on 6 lb braid line, a 7 ft ultralight rod, and a green Baby Bull FROG Micro FROG. You can watch me catch this bass in the YouTube video --- Monster Bass on the Micro FROG. But you'll have to watch me catch a bunch of smaller bass first because they liked it too.

What kind of FROG should I make for you ?