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This is a new feature on Capt Ken's HomePage, and it is just a teaser for the new webpage dedicated to the BLOG Page where more detail can be found on the current subject.


   As much as is possible, I want to keep viewers and customers to be kept up to speed about what's going on with my websites, products, YouTube Channel, fishing, and where folks are willing, I would like to highlight some of my great customers.



   In this first conversation, I want to highlight a great customer who has an incredible ability to speak or demonstrate a product. I first noticed "Topwater" Johnny Campbell when he put in an order for a wide variety of my custom topwater lures. Then, I noticed that he had recently subscribed to my YouTube Channel. Since he also had a YouTube Channel, I checked him out. I was really impressed with his upbeat presentation when speaking on the subject of Entrepreneurialism in the spirit of the best motivational speakers I've ever heard. So, when Johnny later mentioned that he had made a demonstration video on his new Weedless FingerLing™ Big Scale Shiner Hi-Resin Hard PLUG, I was very excited to see it.

In the photo below, you can see the actual Plug I sent to

Topwater Johnny

This PLUG has a very High Gloss, Hi-Resin finish on a Hard PLUG.

It can change its "screw on" tail to any of the other variations of tail types, styles & materials. You can also get this PLUG in the SoftPLUG version, but you cannot change the tail, and the SoftPLUG will not be as High Gloss or long lasting. The fish may hold on to SoftPLUGS longer however. But don't worry, they "do inhale" the Hard PLUGs also.