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Billy Wilson in Illinois shows off his first Designer Bass FROG™ catch on the Clone Series FROG #4. Caught on 7/25/2015, Billy says of the FROG says of the  Clone Series FROG --- "I love it !" Continuing to catch big bass on the FROGs throughout the summer & fall, Billy states: "I am beginning to eat bugs " , referring to our trademarked advice to "BE" the FROG™ when fishing it. By early August Billy said "I love to frog fish it (the FROG). It is now my favorite way to catch bass. I fished frogs for years but your frog is the real deal. Let me know when I can purchase them (custom ordered Originals). Thanks. ( Billy now owns quite a few Clone Series Designer Bass FROGs™ and an Original Series: Pine Barrens Tree FROG.

Illinois FROG Fishing October Update


October weather in Illinois has given way to much cooler temperatures, but the FROG fishing is not only hanging in there . It has been great for Billy Wilson fishing with Clone Series Designer Bass FROGs™. The water temperatures have plummeted from 73 degrees down to 59 degrees, but Billy says ---  "it didn't bother the FROG fishing". The FROG bite was "on". and "who would have thought". "Learn something about bass all the time."

Billy called me on the phone all excited, saying he was catching as m,any as 20 bass a day under those extreme FROG fishing conditions.

Billy likes to add some markings & extra spots to his Clone Series FROGs with a permanent marking pen. They can be permanent on the body, but you can change them or wash them off of the replaceable legs. So you can try a different design on the next trip.