Capt Ken's Designer Bass DragonFly Lures™

starting at $35.00- $45.00 each

Most DragonFlies are custom ordered, and there is usually a Waiting List, but some will be totally finished and occasionally made available to purchase immediately when you see the Buy NOW  button for purchase, and they are available. But they don't last very long. You can also Custom Order any of the DragonFlies illustrated further below. There are now four distinct "Series" of DragonFlies. They are evolving, improving, becoming more durable, and more effective on the bass. The base price for a DragonFly is $35.00, but fancier

paint patterns require much more time to create and require a $5.00 "upgrade".

There is also a new Series of DragonFlies that have a "High Resin Finish" that makes them much tougher and more beautiful. It also takes several days to complete, so there is a $5.00 upgrade for that choice also.The normal BUGskin™ DragonFly finish is also very tough though, and it has a softer more "BUG-like" feel to it, and it comes "standard" even on the $35.00 DragonFly.

There is an option for a replacement "soft body abdomen" section that has a better feel to it than the standard hard body DragonFly, even with the BUGskin™ finish applied . It is a soft but tough foam body with the same BUGskin™ finish. They are complicated and difficult to construct, so they are an additional expense ($8.00).  I have seen some instances where it definitely appeared to make a difference on a cautious big fish, but they are not as durable as a hard body, and hard body abdomens actually have a more lively side to side "waggling" action. So, I fish with both, even on the same DragonFly.

You can take them off and put them back on in a minute or less. So, you can switch back & forth easily. You can also order additional hard body abdomens, as in the photo below, if you wear one out or want to try a different color or pattern ($5.00). Legs are also replaceable and available in additional colors (black, red, white, orange, and neon yellow. Further below on this webpage, you will see the DNA DragonFlies that have the ability to change their Wings in a minute or less. So you can change Wing colors, materials or styles very quickly, even to the new DNA Natural Clear Wings as in the photo above or to the new DNA Buck Tail Wings in the photo below.

 You can also order additional hard body abdomens if you wear one out or want to try a different color or pattern ($5.00). Legs are also replaceable and available in additional colors (black, red, white, orange, and neon yellow. There are many more options. Most of them do not have an additional charge.

The "Wispy Wing" DragonFly Series

The synthetic Wispy Wing materials on this Series of DragonFlies is extremely tough and resilient, and they should never be required to be replaced. They have a natural attraction for bass, and I've caught some of my biggest bass on them. There are many more colors available than appear on this website, and this is a "custom lure" business. So, if you have a preference not shown --- such as Holographic chartreuse etc., etc. --- just ask. All permanent synthetic "Wispy Wing DragonFlies" have replaceable Legs and also a replaceable abdominal body section that "waggles" with a side to side motion.

Fancy "Blue Dasher" DragonFly

Wispy Wings: White

The DragonFly above is the "Blue Dasher". It is the most common DragonFly in the USA, and it has the widest range of distribution of any species of DragonFly. This one has the permanent Wispy White "synthetic" Buck Tail.

Fancy "Green Dasher" DragonFly

Wispy Wings: White

This DragonFly Lure above is a "Green Dasher" or  sometimes called a "Green Darning Needle" which is also one of the most common species in the USA. This one also has the synthetic white Wispy Wings that will "Glow in the Dark".

Wispy Wings : Holographic Olive

Fancy "Brown Dasher" DragonFly

This fancy Brown Dasher above has the permanent synthetic Olive Holographic Wispy Wings. These Wings are extremely durable. The Legs and the abdominal body section are both replaceable.

Wispy Wings: Orange-Banded

Rusty Brown DragonFly

This Dragonfly with permanent banded synthyetic Wispy Wings represents many of the common Rusty Brown DragonFlies with translucent, orange tinted wings that often have darker prominent wing bands.

DragonFly: Black & Yellow Spotted

Wispy Wings : Holographic Olive

The Permanent Wing DragonFlies usually are used with longer lasting "synthetic" Wing materials, and the Wings will normally last as long as the DragonFly Bodies. The Legs and abdominal sections of the body are replaceable with either a "soft body" or soft textured hard body abdomen.

The "Silicone Wing" DragonFly Series

The Silicone Wings on this Dragonfly Series are very tough, but I have seen one break. So, I have now made them replaceable --- just in case. Of course, the Legs and the abdominal sections are also replaceable. The Silicone Wing models also cast much further. They are also very tantalizing to the bass, and I have caught many of my biggest bass on this style of Wing.

DragonFly: Black & Yellow Spotted

Sili Wings : Neon Yellow

Eyes : Blue

Ole Blue Eyes above & the Rusty Brown below are both with the Neon Wings and are two of my favorite & most successful DragonFlies.

DragonFly : Rusty Brown

Sili Wings : Neon Yellow

Eyes : Black

This color and pattern DragonFly is one of the most deadly I have used, especially on really big bass, and it is at the cheapest price level ($35.00). You can have many other colors with a similar simple pattern for that same price.

DragonFly : Rusty Brown

Sili Wings : Neon Yellow

The New DNA DragonFly Series

The New DNA DragonFlies are designed to use the new DNA Natural Clear Wings™, but you can also change to the Wispy Wing synthetic material or even to natural material Wings, such as Buck Tail in a wide range of colors; also very quickly and easily. Of course, you can also change or replace the Legs and/or the abdominal section of the body. You can still have a $35.00 DragonFly in the DNA DragonFly Series. DNA Series designation does not change the price. A fancier and more time consuming paint pattern will change the price with a $5.00 "upgrade" to $40.00

The Black & Yellow Spotted DragonFly above is known as "Ole Blue Eyes" in the photo below with Neon Yellow Silicone Wings, and it caught one of my biggest bass ever on video with the DragonFlies. I have not had a chance to try it with the DNA Natural Clear Wings™ above. Either way, he's still Ole Blue Eyes to me !

You can put a knot in the legs of these DragonFlies and it differentiates them from the Wings by creating 'joints" in the Legs. Watch the YOUTUBE video of the Biggest Bass caught with this DragonFly at the Link here: "Extremely Shallow Monster Bass on the DragonFly" ---

I cauight a Monster Bass on this DragonFly in the YOUTUBE video "Monster Bass on the Clear Wing DNA DragonFly". I was out testing it with the DNA Clear Wings for the first time. What will happen when I get a chance to test "Ole Blue Eyes" above with these DNA Natural Clear Wings™? Watch it at the Link below:


Looking up from below the bass sees the abdomen wagging side to side, the Legs sweeping back & forth, and the Wings "flapping" up and down on the surface when it is retrieved over the surface as if it is trying to take off back into the air. What would any Bass do ?

The Blue Dasher above is the most common DragonFly in the USA. It is also the most popular DragonFly I make. All of the Dashers are time consuming to paint and require the $5.00 "upgrade" to make it for customers. I have not had a chance to fish one !

These Wispy White "synthetic" material Wings are the most popular Wings on the Blue Dashers, and they are extremely durable, but the new DNA Natural Clear Wings may surpass them. I think the real Buck Tail Wings on the Rusty Brown Dasher below would also be a great choice for the Blue Dasher and the Green Dasher.

I caught more fish on this Rusty Brown Dasher with the real Buck Tail Wings in 2018 than I did with any other combination. That's partly because I fished it more often and longer. The fish had very little resistance to the action of those Wings even on cold fronts and high pressure days. When they were not hitting topwater well at all, they would still come up and clobber this fly above. I want to try some of the flourescent dyed colors of Buck Tail soon !

The Green Dasher above is the second most common DragonFly in the USA, and it is very popular with customers for that reason. I haven't had a chance to try it yet either, but I am thinking about it with a set of synthetic Whispy Wings in Holographic chartreuse. But the white Buck Tail Wings would look great also, and those Clear Wings abopve look great also. It's really great that the DNA DragonFly allows you to change your Wings and do it very quickly.

The DragonFly above is the first Yellow Dasher that I have made. I was jealous of the guy I sold it to because I have done so well with the Black & Yellow Spotted DragonFlies, and I think this one would be a killer ! It matches up well with the white real Buck Tail Wings.

Accessories for the DNA DragonFly

The DNA Natural Clear Wing is a very realistic DragonFly Wing. It is a bit wind resistant when you have to cast against the wind, but it sails really far very easily when you position to cast "with" the wind. The appearance alone, while sitting still, is enough reason to use this Wing Style, but when it moves across the top of the water, it really comes to life. While simply twitching in a pocket, it will flap in a struggling manner. When the DragonFly is skimmed over a calm surface, you can see the Wings flapping up and down and slapping the water. It looks like it's trying to go airborne and get away. When the surface is a bit choppy, it looks like its actually getting into the air and about to be gone. It causes bass to make some sudden and often regrettable decisions. I am working on many versions of this style of Wing, but for now this is the simplest, very effective, easy to attach, and use model.

Check out my YouTube video of when I went out to test this Wing model and caught a Monster Bass --- "Monster Bass on the Clear Wing DNA DragonFly" just below.

These Wings are necessarily fragile so you will use many of them if you are catching fish. They are about as durable as a plastic worm. I average about 3 bass per "Quad-Wing Set", but you can save broken "Quad Wings" and combine them to produce a new full Wing Set. You can purchase fully cut out Wing Sets for $1.00 each, or you can buy them in quantity by the sheet and cut them out yourself with a pair of scissors for 50 cents each. It is definitely worth the price to add such a dynamic option and effect to the appearance and action of your DragonFly. If you purchase a DNA DragonFly, you will receive 3 FREE samples of these Wings, and you will receive a more durable and long lasting DNA Wispy Wing, DNA Silicone Wing, or real Buck Tail Wing with your choice of color. They screw on very easily, just the same as the DNA Clear Natural Wings. There are several samples of DNA Wing Sets below.

The DNA Wing Set above is an extremely durable synthetic material for Wispy Wings.It is a shiny white color, but it also GLOWs in the Dark, and appears much brighter even in the  evening. Many othe colors are available. Holographic Olive is a big favorite,

Many of my biggest bass were caught on these lively yellow neon Silicone Wings on several different color patterns of the DragonFlies. They are tough, and it is rare, but it is possible for a strand to break. They are very easily replaceable and available in other colors. (Black, Red, Orange, White)

High Resin Glossy Finish DragonFlies

Some of the DragonFlies are really beautiful, and a high resin glossy finish can really protect them from damage and bring out a lot of the beautiful highlights. It can be used on the hard body abdomens, but it cannot be used on the soft body abdomens.

The high resin glossy finish requires a $5.00 "upgrade" to the cost of the DragonFly regardless of the "Series" of DragonFly.

Don't worry if you do not choose the high resin finish on your DragonFly. The standard BUGskin™ finish is very tough, and it has a softer texture that feels very good to the fish.

It is the same finish that goes onto the soft body abdomens. It is just not as glossy or "deep" finished. I like both versions, and I like to offer all options. If you own more than one DragonFly or even more than one asbdomen, it is good to try both. I think you will like both as I do !