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The Heads control the action of the Bodies

The Heads drastically increase the durability of Bodies

There are 3 sizes of Designer Bass Shiner™ Heads

Large Heads

The large Designer Bass Shiner™ Heads are about 1.5 inches long. Even the smaller bodies from Kits #3, #4, #5 & #6 can all be used on the largest heads due to a unique graduated connection point on the bodies that can be cut back with a pair of scissors to fit.

There are 6 different Designer Bass Shiner™ Heads

Medium Heads

The medium size Designer Bass Shiner™ Heads are about 1.25 inches long. In the corresponding Floating Kit #3 and Sinking Kit #4 there are 3 of the 4 available body styles included in the Kit. This Head will not fit the Big Sissy Shiner™ Body that is included in Kit #1 & Kit #2, but these Kits have the most variety of body styles available in the Kits.

There are 6 Designer Bass Shiner™ Kits- one for each Head


Small heads

The small Designer Bass Shiner™ Heads are 1.0 inches long.This head will fit the Small Sissy Shiner Body and the Little Skinny FingerLing™. This head is not only smaller, but it is also thinner, flatter and has relatively much less head material. This change in shape and mass produces a head style that has much different effects and controls on the body styles used with these Heads. It allows the body styles to have more influence over the action but also creates a more unpredictable and random veering action of the Shiner Lure. There is also less head material to affect the floating or sinking aspects of the presentation. If the user cuts back the body shorter before attaching the head, the resulting smaller lure also makes an excellent Shad, Herring or Menhaden imitation.

There are 3 Floating Heads and 3 Sinking Heads


Designer Bass Shiner™ Kits are based on the size and type of head included in the Kit. There are 3 sizes of heads: Large. Medium and Small. There are two types at this time: The Floating and the Sinking Heads. The Floating Heads are soft, and the Sinking Heads are hard. The bass seem to accept both type heads equally well, holding onto them both equally long. It is not surprising, because bass are only experiencing what is normal and expect a head with a skull inside to be harder.

Floating Heads


The largest Floating Heads have the highest "floating power", but even the  largest of heads can be used to fish on the bottom. The Floater Heads are actually adjustable in a number of ways in order to have them dive and/or sink to varying degrees. There is a general tendency of floater heads to float even after altering them with various methods to influence them to dive more easily. As a result but not the rule, they tend to dive when pulled, and they rise toward the top when total slack is given. They can also be adjusted to suspend indefinitely, or suspend and then dive even deeper on successive pulls.

The Floating Heads can absorb water which can affect the degree to which they float. You can purposely squeeze water into the foam to get them to dive more easily or even to sink. You can squeeze the water back out to reverse the affect.

The Hooks are also a factor in diving or sinking the Shiners. The Kits all come with the the same standard hooks. It is a weedless, large 1/0 Live Bait Shiner style hook. The hook will influence the smaller heads to dive or sink to a greater degree than the larger heads. You can also switch to smaller or even larger hooks to increase the effect that you want, controlling with even greater influence, where your Floating Head Designer Bass Shiner™ will go in the water column and how it will behave there.

You can also substitute a lead nail weight for the tooth pick or other anti-rotational peg material ( sometimes polypropylene, sometimes one inch paneling nails etc.) on the belly or ventral surface.

In actuality, Floater Head Designer Bass Shiner™ Kits are not just for fishing the surface. They can be used for a complete top to bottom strategy. In addition, there are many strategies to be applied through techniques of Carolina-Rigging various floating/sinking states of the Designer Bass Shiner™ Floating Heads.

Sinking Heads


There is no difference in structural appearance between Sinking Heads or Floating Heads of a given size. They come from the same molds, but they are made from very different materials. They also have a slightly different connection apparatus and technique for securing the heads to the bodies.


The Sinking Heads are slow sinkers. Total slack line will allow them to drop head first to the bottom at a slow but steady clip, making them an excellent Drop Bait.


Once there (if they are not nailed on the way down), they can be fished as a Jig on the bottom, mimicking a dying or bottom feeding Shiner. But, if any tension is applied to the line, they begin to plane level through the mid-depths, making an excellent SwimBait. If you fish in a varied stop & go fashion, it becomes an excellent JerkBait.


If the speed of retrieve increases, they begin to rise in the water column toward the surface. In fact, at a faster clip, they become an excellent surface bait, skipping or buzzing over the surface, and they do make a fantastic WakeBait, Skip-Bait or BuzzBait. They can be extremely versatile even in a single retrieve, exhibiting multiple behaviors in varied cover & structure on a long cast. They make an excellent "search bait"

when you do not yet know where the fish are or what they want.