Capt Ken's Designer Bass Micro Plug BUGs

Micro Plug BUG - Baby Shiner

These tiny  micro plugs are the ultimate in weedless, light tackle, top water finesse fishing. They have even more finesse than an actual fly rod when fished on ultra light tackle with 6 lb. braided line and a short mono leader. When fished over large expanses of wide open weedbeds, a longer "whippy stick" of seven  or to seven and and a half foot works especially well to make long casts and to control the bug's path through the vegetation. The longer rod also helps to hook and to control a hooked fish in the grass from a higher angle at longer distances, reducing the amount of vegetation in contact with the line. The softness of the long, light action rod helps to "cushion" and prevent breaking the light line while battling a big fish, especially in the weeds. When making shorter casts, especially when casting under docks or overhanging trees etc., a shorter lightweight rod is also at times helpful