Capt Ken Daubert's Florida Kayak Fishing / Bass Fishing/ FROG Fishing / Designer Bass FROG™ Lures


These are not your buddy's mass produced factory frogs.


Now 42 years and counting in the development and fishing


These FROGs are designed and sold by Capt Ken Daubert who spent twenty five years working as a nationally recognized professional taxidermist and 20 years as a licensed Florida Fishing guide. Over the years he has been featured in almost every major outdoor fishing magazine, covering a variety of subjects on fishing; including bass fishing, flats fishing, fly fishing, kayak fishing, guiding, lure making, manufacturing and sales. Recently, he was honored by "Kayak Angler" magazine as one of the early pioneers of the sport and "Father of the Revolution" mostly for his contribution of the first book ever written on the sport of kayak fishing --- "KayakFishing the Revolution".




They have been featured in BassMaster Magazine and even featured on the Cover.


They are made individually for each customer



Capt Ken has been featured on several outdoor TV fishing shows, including the International Award winning TV Infomercial "The Banjo Minnow" as an inventor of the product, and Conway Bowman's "Dollar Wise Fly" where the fly rod version of the FROGs first appeared on TV. The viewer response to a few seconds of video on the Show convinced Capt. Ken to begin making the FROGs for sale to the public.


Since that time, the Capt Ken's Designer Bass FROGs™ for sale have appeared on several Kayak Fishing TV Shows in the U.S. & Canada, including both the Original Series which are unique and hand painted art by Capt Ken and also the mass manufactured and very affordable Clone Series. Also, we have added the Replicant Series which has high detail computer graphics with a realistic, natural appearance at a very affordable price. Next, came the Hybrid Series which is a cross breed between the hand painted Originals and the computer graphic Replicants, creating perhaps the best of both Series into one FROG Series. The Signature Series are often purchased by collectors, and they are registered in a database, but many of them sit on a desk and never get fished. Both our top of the line Signature Series and our mass manufactured Clone Series FROGs were designed by request by our FROG fans who are known as the FROGmen. The FROGmen are the friends and fans who are now fishing these FROGs throughout the world. Many have caught their "personal best" big bass on their FROGs, and many have caught big bass on a regular basis, even winning bass fishing contests and tournaments. You will find many examples from the submissions in the FROG Fishing Reports for the many states and foreign countries where they are now sold. After 37 years, the FROGs have been continuously changing and improving in action, appearance, and durability.


All of the FROGs made personally by Capt Ken are as tough and durable as they are beautiful. Even toothy critters have little effect on them. One of my old friends has been fishing the same FROG for 15 years. There are currently 4 "Series" of FROGs available for sale.


Designer Bass FROG Prices:


Signature Series FROGs - -----------------------------------------------$60.00

Original Series FROGs --------------------------------------------------- $50.00

Replicant Series FROGs -------------------------------------------------$35.00

Clone Series FROGs ------------------------------------------------------$14.99



Now we have a FROG for everybody at  price that everyone can afford.


Accessories & Upgrades


 Skitter Leg / Stinger Hook Accessory Kits ----------------------------------- $5.99

 3-Packs of light weight FROG Hooks + 30 Silicone Weedguards ------- $3.99

 3-Packs of heavy weight FROG Hooks + 30 Silicone Weedguards ----- $5.99

 100 Bag Heavyweight Latex Weedguards ------------------------------------$5.00

 100 Bag Lightweight Latex Weedguards --------------------------------------$5.00

 DNA Hot Legs "upgrade" ---------------------------------------------------------$15.00




*** DNA Hot Legs have translucent webbing & 3-D molded toes


     DNA Hot Legs can be seen in the YouTube Video ----


     "Finesse FROG Fishing on a Calm Surface"










Features : The unique Non Co-planar, adjustable, elastic weed guard, Uni-directional hook setting FROG hook

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