Designer Bass Bait Casting BUGs™

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Please contact Capt Ken direct if you want some of these made before we get all of the explanation & options posted

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I am happy to announce a new Series of "custom" Designer Bass Lures. I have been playing with these for a long time and waiting to make them available at the right time. This is a very dynamic group that will have many options for me to customize them and also for you to customize your own with my help --- or on your own using the many soft plastic attachments available on the market. There are two base body designs available with slight variations coming available immediately and others that are very much different in body style coming later. This Series of lures are known collectively as the "Topwater Creature Baits". Many of them, especially in the beginning, will be very BUG-like and similar to my "Designer Bass Casting BUGs™ ( go to ) in nature but much heavier and larger so that guys who prefer to use bait casting tackle can get into the fun using heavier tackle, including 55 lb braid. Of course, you can still use spinning rods and lighter tackle, especially if you have the fish fighting advantages of a kayak, but I recommend at least 14-20 lb. braided line and 20 lb Big Game Mono leader for medium to medium heavy Spinning rods. I have already published the first YouTube video on these BUGs, and I have posted it above. I have also posted example photos of the two basic lure body types which are the first two lure categories in the Series: Capt Ken's Designer Bass Sneaky BUGs and Skitter BUGs™. Also, you will see many of the attachment options that you can purchase with your BUG to use separately or collectively to change the swimming appearance and behavior of your Designer Bass Bait Casting BUG™. These accessories are designed to be added to or removed quickly to either the Skitter BUG™ or the Sneaky BUG™. If that were not enough to help you "fish like nobody else". There are also some photo examples of soft plastics ideas to change the look and behavior of your offering. More options, examples and ideas to come, but I'm sure you will think up some of your own !

Fish like nobody else ---  "BE the BUG" !

Skitter BUGs™


The SkitterBUG™ has the wider head than the SneakyBUG™. The basic SneakyBUG™ has the four long spider legs up front and a set of Quadra-Skitter Legs™ on the rear end.

The basic SneakyBUG™ as pictured in this photo is $35.00, but you can also add any of the options or attachments pictured on the SneakyBUGs™ below for an additional price, including WaterWings™, CreepyLegs™, HackleTails™, silicone skirts, and SkitterBUG Stinger Hook Kits™.

The SkitterBUGs™ are Original Series, each one is unique, and they can be customized in regards to hand painting or attachments, according to your specifications from your imagination, mine or any combination of both.

Your SkitterLegs™ will accept permanent marking pen colors. So, you can customize your own effect. The markings will only be temporary, and they usually last for a day or two before being redone. You can wash them off at any time with soap and water, and you can change your design or color next time.

Sneaky BUGs™


This is the Basic SneakyBUG™ form. It is very deadly when used just as you see it, because it is very effective when the fish want something subtle. It is especially useful in this manner in quiet calm waters with or without surface vegetation. It is basically a giant version of the famous fly rod "Sponge Spider that has always been so deadly on Bluegill,

but most flyrodders will tell you that it often catches more bass than Bluegill and more often more bass than you can catch on your conventional lures and tackle. This is just a very large version of the same thing which represents a huge oppurtunity for the Bass. Your Basic SneakyBUG™ can come with either a set of Skitter Legs™ as featured on the above pictured SkitterBUGs™ or a set of Water Wings™, and you can add many options featured below, but don't forget to try it in its simplest and deadly form pictured above.

There are many WaterWing™ designs that create a sweeping backward and then returning forward motions. You will see more examples in following photos. They can be combined with additional attachment option combinations such as CreepyLegs™, HackleTails™, silicone skirts, and trailing legs, including Texas-rigged spinnerbait trailer legs.

These simple lightweight trailer legs can give a little extra enticement without changing the subtle approach to luring the more spooky & less aggressive bass.

The Stinger Hook can be used with or without the Texas-rigged soft plastic spinnerbait trailers. You can also use the Stinger Hook set-up without the big front hook, but the big front hook will get you a much better hook up on the bass if its a better grab by the bass.

You can add a HackleTail Trailer™ such as this muddler-like design to greatly change the size, action & nature of your big SkitterBUG™ or SneakyBUG™. It can make your BUG more "buggy" or even "bird-like" for times when that monster bass may be out there on the move looking for a big meal.

You can use any silicone skirt you like to add movement and action with or without the WaterWings.™

Or, you can combine all three types of optional attachments to trigger a big bass to make his move before it gets away.

Looking from below with the WaterWings™ swept fully backward, you can see the appearance of the extra mass, and jointed effect of the body which causes each part to move independently, increasing the action & moving parts. One of the aspect of all of these moving parts is that they all sweep together on the pull of the retrieve, but when the lure stops on the surface, all of the parts return to their natural position at different rates which really helps to create interest from the bass and keep their attention. Many poteential "triggers" working --- some longer than others. It works very well even sitting still.

One of the most effective moving attachments for the SneakyBUGs™ and also for the SkitterBUGs™ is the CreepyLegs™ placed just in front of the WaterWings™ in the photo above.

The CreepyLegs™  look great on the SkitterBUGs™ also --- with or without a set of WaterWings™

"El Grande"

Sneaky BUG™

Magnum Water Wings

Creepy Legs

I recently made this beautiful Sneaky BUG™ for a customer in New Hampshire. I am jealous of this one. It has a colorful set of "Magnum" Water Wings that have a great exaggerated sweeping motion and a tough "chewy" feel to them. It also has the long, spindly "Legs" or "Wings", depending on your or the bass perspective and interpretation. This one just screams "Monster Bass" on the right morning or evening in just the right spot, but it is especially great at covering a lot of water also.