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AJ Regner is a Designer Bass FROG™ Legend.


He is also known as (Not2day) on the Kayak Bass Fishing Forums (  ) where he went on a “legendary tear” with a field tester’s sample  of the Clone Series FROGs in his home state of Alabama. He caught the 7 lb. 6 oz. bass above shortly after receiving his Designer Bass FROG #4: Dark Brown Bull FROG from Chad Hoover.

He immediately began to nail 4 lb. bass with it regularly in some beaver ponds, in the mid summer Alabama heat, and  shortly after, he caught the big one and even recorded it on a YouTube video.

He really got the interest of the other kayak anglers on the Forum when he kept nailing the bass and posting them for everyone to see. He caught so many that evryone on the Forum was following his adventure with the Clone Series FROG. Until ---- he wore out the only hook he had, and it broke. He also lost the FROG. Everyone on the Forum was diappointed that his run had come to an end, but they were all waiting for the Clone Series FROGs to become available to buy for themselves.

But, Capt Ken sent him sent him another Clone Series FROG #5 : Black & Yellow Poison Dart FROG from his own personal arsenal, and now armed & dangerous once again, Not2Day went on an even bigger adventure with consistently larger bass than before with the new FROG and posted the photos on the Forum for everyone waiting for their own FROGs to see..


 Hear what Not2Day had to say about the FROGs:


"Thanks Guys!! I've never caught fish like this before. I can't say enough about how good these Designer Bass FROG™ : Clone Series FROGs are for my neck of the woods. I only fish a few locations but they have worked well everywhere I've fished them and in the heat of the day as well. I haven't done any night fishing and have been off the water shortly after sunset at the latest. Since Chad sent me the #4 and Capt Ken replaced it with a #5 after I lost the first one, I haven't thrown another bait except one Spro frog trip while I was in between Clones.


My hookup ratio is unbelievable with the Clones and I've been averaging much larger fish with them. I was struggling to break the 19" mark all season and have caught several 19" and 20"s and even a couple over 21" this month. I liked the spro frog but my ratio of blowups to fish landed was terrible as compared to the Clone and I was losing some really nice bass.


I hope everyone recieves the Clones they ordered soon so they can see for themselves. In my opinion, if you are fishing areas where you have some success on other frogs you'll be slaying them with the Clones


Then again, maybe if Chad will hold off shipping for a couple more months I'll have a better chance on these challenges What ya think Chad? Could you do that for me? "


But that was not the end of Not2Day's legendary tear with the Designer Bass FROG: Clone Series



.AJ with another 24 inch bass from the Forum Photos posted on


 6 lb. 14 oz. – 24 inch bass


Caught on:


 Designer Bass FROG™: Clone Series – FROG #5:

 Black & Yellow Poison Dart FROG



Not2Day with  the Forum contest winner:

*** He won a brand new  fishing kayak.