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Please forgive us for taking so long to update our website or even to post new YouTube Videos. But we have not been goofing off. In fact, we have been creating new fishing lures and shooting new video to bring to the loyal fans of this website and our YouTube viewing subscribers first, and then to the general angling public, eventually. Of course, we have been held up by the custom creation of the FROGs as always, since their explosive popularity on the Internet for the Signature Series, Original Series and the Replicant Series FROGs. And then, of course, the development of the Clone Series for those folks who asked for them. We have made the Clones available to customers to order through Dealers anytime with just a click on their LINK to purchase. Go to the Designer Bass FROG™:Clone Series Page to select a LINK for the Dealers to purchase from.


The custom Originals & Replicant Series FROGs , however, are made for each customer one at a time. So, you still must place an order for those, giving explanation for what you would like and how you would like it made by phone or email. The FROGs have become wide spread Globally, and last year we were caught up with almost 100 Signature Series FROGs for Japan alone.


At this time, I am announcing the availablity of a new series of lures that, to me, are the most deadly lures I have ever used --- not just for Monster Bass, but also for all Bass of any size. For Bass, there is nothing more desirable than a Golden Shiner. We now have 6 distinctly different Kits available for $29.95


Capt Ken's  Designer Bass Shiners

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The Fly Fishing Revolution : No Fly Rod Needed ™ !!!




Note:    We apologize that this site is still under construction, but it should get much better as we adjust to the new software. We will soon be re-posting all of your Big Bass Photos.


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