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We have made the Capt Ken's Designer Bass FROG™ : Clone Series available to customers to order retail from this website. The Capt Ken's Clone Series FROGs are available to ship immediately any time. Often they can be shipped the same day they are ordered, and sometimes even within a few hours. You can also order Skitter Leg/Stinger Hook Kits, 3-Packs of FROG Hooks, or 100 Packs of Latex Weedguards. They are always available. We have made some changes to the product that all users should appreciate. We now have many more weedguards, including the stronger latex style and the "Weedguard Attachment Tool in each package of Clone Series FROGs ordered here. The tool makes it extremely easy to attach the weedguards. We have also added a tough new top coat finish to the Clone Series FROGs that has greatly increased the durability of the paint, eyes, and the FROG body. It also greatly enhances the the appearance and the "feel" of this Designer Bass FROG ™ Series.

There is also a much stronger, heavier guage hook, but the original lighter weight hooks are still available for those who prefer to use a lighter spinning rod, making it easier for them to set the hook with a lighter tackle rod.



















The custom Originals & Replicant Series FROGs , however, are made for each customer one at a time. So, you still must place an order for those, giving explanation for what you would like and how you would like it made by phone or email. The Work Schedule can vary on completion times required, depending on current demand.


Capt Ken's Weedless FingerLing PLUGs

























The Brook Trout Pattern above has caught most of my bigger bass this past year. I have only posted a couple videos so far, but I will post more as soon as possible. I am still back logged for months though on all "custom work". So it's tough to get time to work on the website and videos. Of course, you can still get Clone Series FROGs™ & Designer Shiners shipped within 24 hours. The Weedless FingerLing PLUGs are™ available in many patterns, and can also be customized to your needs. They are available in the Original SoftPLUG™ or the longer lasting Weedless FingerLing HardPLUGs™. They are extremely weedless. The HardPLUGs™ have the great advantage of allowing you to change the tails in seconds. Changing the tail can extremely affect the "action" of the Weedless FingerLing HardPLUG™. You can change colors, length, or materials. I will be posting more explanation and examples.

You can even switch from feather, hackle, or bucktail "PlugBUG" design to soft plastic "Action Tail" design. Either way, you can even add a spinner to "buzz" over the top of the weeds or "splatter" in a stop and go fashion. As always, the website will take time to catch up. So you can call or email me to discuss options available. Remember, it is a "custom" business.


Capt Ken's Weedless Micro PLUGs




























Now even the Weedless Micro Plugs™ are available in either SoftPLUGs™ or the HardPLUGs™. The Brook Trout model above is a HardPLUG™ with a fast changing tail of silicone skirting, but it can be changed to feathers, bucktail or Action Tail soft plastic in seconds.


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The new Capt Ken's Designer Bass Micro FROGs™  are finally ready for sale. After much testing I have decided to finally offer them for sale. They have already scored a number big bass on ultralight tackle that you can watch get caught on Youtube, and more videos will be appearing as soon as I get a chance to publish them. The  Designer Bass Micro FROGs™ are best fished on ultalight tackle or fly rods.


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My New Years resolution this year is to return all of the customer's old Big Bass Photos to the website, especially to the FROGmen Fishing Reports Page for the various states and a few foreign countries. I know I said that last year, but this time its already happening. Some of the more impressive catches will be highlighted here first, and then added to their respective State webpages.




















































I am starting with this gorgeous Big Bass from Texas which was caught by tournament Pro James Kiser. James caught this bass on Lake of the Pines during a Cicada hatch. The Cicadas were coming from the nearby Pine Trees and attracted bass in the area to the surface. James switched to Designer Bass FROG: Clone Series FROG #2 because the color closely matched the color of the Cicadas. The FROG was bigger than the big bugs on the water, but James said, once the bass moved in for a closer look --- "they locked onto the leg action, and that took care of the rest". James also caught some 2-4 lb' ers that day, and he has caught other big bass on the FROGs in the past. You can see some of those other big bass caught by James on the Designer Bass FROGs in the Texas FROG Fishing Reports.


James says, "These things are awsome!"



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Patrick Freeman liked the looks of an Original Series California Red Legs FROG for fishing in Louisianna and went right out after receiving them and nailed four 4 lb bass with it, proving that they will work well in Lousiana also. They look similar to a Bull FROG, but they have some red in the back kicking legs. There is also a "Red Phase of this species that can be almost entirely red with black spots. There is an example of each on the Original Series FROG and the Replicant Series FROG webpages.

Announcing a new Series of custom fishing lures !


It's the Designer Bass Bait Casting BUGs™

Hopefully, you have already seen my new YouTube Channel video about the Capt Ken's Designer Bass Casting BUGs™. They are a new Series of Custom TopWater Creature Baits. If you haven't you can click on this LINK to go to their new webpage on this site. There is also a LINK to the video there. There are a lot of new options there to help you "fish like nobody else" to fool the bass.

Well that didn't take long!!! Justin received his Capt Ken's Designer Bass FROG™ Original Series: California Red Legs FROG and a few days later he sent in this photo of another Big Bass. Its basically a "Bloody Bull FROG".

Billy Wilson bought his first Clone Series FROG back in July of this summer. In the photo above, he shows off his first bass caught on a Designer Bass FROG™ Clone Series FROG #4. Since that first FROG & bass, he has bought many more Clone Series FROGs, and even an Original Series: Pine Barrens Tree FROG. He has been catching many more bigger bass all summer and into the fall. With the temperatures suddenly dropping and taking the water temperatures from 73 degrees down to 59 degrees, he has been surprised to discover that the FROG bite is still "on" He recently caught 20 bass on the topwater FROGs under the much colder conditions. He sent the photo below, showing one of the recent bass with a Clone Series FROG that he customized with extra spots & markings with a permanent marking pen. Billy says these FROGs are now his favorite way to catch bass. But, he recently had had one of the new DragonFlies taken away from him by a very big bass on the second cast. So, he has ordered two more of those.

Billy is definitely stretching the limits of the topwater FROG fishing season in Illinois, but he may be dreaming about jumping Bass and DragonFlies all winter this year.

Darrell Hollifield is one of the founding members of the Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association, he was also one of my earliest customers for the Designer Bass FROGs™. As you can see, his Original Series Bronze Spotted Leopard is still catching bass for him after all these years. This Virgina Monster was almost 6 lbs. In the photo, below you can see the heavy pad cover Darrell had to pull this bass out of to get him into the kayak. Excellent is the only word to describe this kayak fishing photo. See also the photo below.

Check out this  23 inch Virginia State Citation Bass below, just caught on a Designer Bass FROG™: Clone Series FROG #4 - the Dark Brown Bull FROG. It was caught by Chuck Wrenn who is a FROG Fishing fanatic and who publishes his own FROG Fishing Blog---  Check out his Blog to keep up to date on FROG Fishing in his state. If that wasn't enough of a great day, he also got the whole thing on video, and it will be posted on YouTube, his Blog site and on this page very soon. Kayak FROG Fishing for monster bass ! It doesn't get any better than that !!

Okay, here it is ! The best video submitted by a user of the Designer Bass FROGs™ that I have seen to date. Chuck wrestled a monster bass out of some of the worst lily pads that anyone would want to attempt and did it from his kayak. He received a Virginia State Citation for his bass caught on a Designer Bass FROG™ Clone Series : FROG #4 - Dark Brown Spotted Bull FROG. Now, that's what I call Kayak Fishing FROG fishing for Monster Bass in Virginia --- or anywhere else ! You should really check out his FROG Fishing BLOG that he says was inspired by his love for the Designer Bass FROGs™. Just click the Logo below.

 Also Home to : Capt Ken's Designer Bass Shiners™

At this time, I am announcing the availability of a new series of lures that, to me, are the most deadly lures I have ever used --- not just for Monster Bass, but also for all Bass of any size. For Bass, there is nothing more desirable than a Golden Shiner. We now have 6 distinctly different Kits available for $29.95


Capt Ken's Designer Bass Shiners

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Brent Kramer - 7 lb. Original Series Foley FROG

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